The Incredible Petrified World
This film features the world's luckiest oceanographers who sink to the bottom of the Carribean in a broken diving bell and live to tell the tale! Our review features tons of behind-the-scenes true stories about the making of I.P.W. Don't miss our version of what the never-finished I.P.W. monster MIGHT have looked like!

Sink to a new low with our review of
The Incredible Petrified World!

It Came from Outer Space

The Killer Shrews
I e-mailed a question to Killer Shrews star, James Best (known for his role as Roscoe P. Coletrane on TV's Dukes of Hazzard) and he responded! Check out our review and read his reply. This review includes some funny video clips including our original Rook Navigation System!

You'll wear an oil drum and duck-walk a mile to escape the
Killer Shrews! >>

Creature with the Atom Brain
Did you know Hitler gave us Creature with the Atom Brain? It's actually true. (Well, sort of. Read this review for more details.) This review includes hiliarious video clips featuring the movie's character we call "Mrs. Chet," (a 50's housewife who cannot turn a doorknob without the help of her husband.) We also show the affect Mrs. Chet has had on world history in a chart we call, "Important Moments in Feminism."

Our review of Creature with the Atom Brain will make your head spin! >>

It Came from Outer Space

Wonder Woman
This is one of our favorite reviews. Anyone who was alive in the 1970s remembers Lynda Carter and that theme song ("and the beauty you po-sess"). Join us on a trip down retro-memory lane for a review of Woman TV movie. Don't miss our music video tribute to Col. Steve Trevor, the most captured war hero in history.

In your satin tights, fightin' for your rights! Wonder Woman! >>

It Came from Outer Space

La Nave de los Monstruos
Venus sends a space ship to Earth on an important mission. Which one of their crew members sabotages it? I don't know -- could it be... the one from The Planet of Shadows??? Check out our review of a rare Mexican b-movie that features video clips as well as a humorous review of SkyMall - the only magazine they give you to read on an airplane! Plus, a video of a French guy at EPCOT Center translating my French Godzilla t-shirt!

Dios Mio! We go south of the border with La Nave de los Monstruos! >>

It Came from Outer Space

I decided to shake things up this time by watching the movie, writing the review and at the same time watching my (then) 2-year-old and reporting the results. Good times! But not for the aging pilots in the Mexican airforce as they take on a giant robot who's sucking all of the world's electrical power! Check out our sidebar "Top 10 Things to Fear if you're living in a B-movie," plus video clips!

A giant robot from another world eats our atomic explosions! Don't worry - we'll work it out. >>

It Came from Outer Space

Missile to the Moon
Our 6-year-old daughter caught me watching this movie and instantly fell in love with the blue princesses, rock men and giant spiders! Check out the video clips, especially an Atomic original - Moon diamonds for cash! And of course you're going to want to read about my feelings about public restrooms and my connection to...The Jackal!

Lido...Oh, oh ohhh...Missile to the Moon! >>

It Came from Outer Space

World Without End
The year is 2508. A nuclear holocaust has wiped out mankind except for a select few who have lived peacefully for years in state-of-the-art, underground catacombs. Enter: four American, he-men astronauts from 1956 who accidentally travel to the future and try to convince the men to leave their underground babes and fight monsters on the surface. Good luck with that.

Forget safety and learn about All-American "guts!" in World Without End! >>

It Came from Outer Space

Spider-Man: The '67 Collection
It's a slight departure from B-movies, but our review of everyone's favorite Atomic Age superhero was every bit as fun. Spidey "does whatever a spider can" such as using his web to make fully-functioning engines! Check our video clips, extras such as, Top 10 Cheesiest Spidey Moments and Real comic book ads from the 1970s plus an exclusive desktop wallpaper!

In our review of The '67 Collection, watch aliens...steal a motorboat? >>

It! The Terror from Beyond Space
Got a six-foot alien on your rocket ship with you? Good thing you're the kind of astronaut that packs a gun. And hand grenades. And tear gas. And a bazooka. I'm not kidding - a bazooka. Check out our review and see whether or not these gentlemen (and ladies) have the wrong stuff! Plus, behind-the-scenes look at the man who played the monster, Ray "Crash" Corrigan!

The most irresponsible flight crew ever battles It! >>

Caltiki, The Immortal Monster
For those of you who find The Blob as boring as I do, this sinister, Mario Bava film might be right up your alley. It features many man-dissolving blobs on the loose, but the real danger is a guy named "Max." If someone sent you back in time with orders to kill either Hitler or Max, I think you might pause for a moment to think about it. Review features 13 hilarious clips!

Enjoy Caltiki, but keep your hands off Linda — she's mine! >>

The Giant Claw
Read our review of one of the most beloved b-movies of all time! Are the passengers of a plane doomed when the Giant Claw attacks? No, because every passenger was already wearing a parachute! Check out our video clips including "Battleship Countdown."

Beware the outerspace buzzard "as big as a battleship!" >>

It Came from Outer Space

Our review of Denmark's best (and only) giant monster movie features an introspective look at how foreign objects always find my eyes, a way-cool live Monsterbash Q&A with writer Ib Melchoir, tons of Reptilicus video clips, a segment called Top 5 Reasons Why Diners are better than Fast Food Restaurants and more! Whew!

Play a clip of the song "Tivoli Nights" in our review of Reptilicus! >>

Invisible Invaders
The film that teaches us a little-known science fact: Staying inside the cab of a truck will shield you from radiation! This review features lots of video clips including one where a scientist gets into a fist fight with an army soldier -- and the scientist kicks his butt! All that boot camp for nothing!

The Invisible Invaders will teach you a prayer to deal with the undead! >>

It Came from Outer Space

The Last Days of Planet Earth
One of my very favorite films - my gosh this has everything! Mutated slugs! Misspellings! Japanese hippies! It all begins when a "food enlarger" is created but turns out to be more dangerous than first guessed. Actually, more dangerous than anything this planet has ever seen. Review includes tons of video clips - the "Fender Bender" video clip is not to be missed!

The Last Days of Planet Earth...cannot be explained in one sentence. >>

Beast of Yucca Flats
B-movie icon Tor Johnson stars as a radioactive, unstoppable engine of destruction...who needs to use a stick as a cane. Plus, learn some little-known facts about Tor Johnson! For instance, did you know Tor was so big that he used to break toilets in hotel rooms just by sitting on them? What's that? You do now? Darn.

You'll be as speechless as Tor when you read our review! >>

Catwomen of the Moon
This classic b-movie features a rocket ship interior that includes a movie reel attached to a corrugated steel wall. Watch video clips of the most hilarious dialogue. And our webmaster says a tearful goodbye to the electronics store, Media Play, the greatest store on earth in our feature, "If I could live in a media store for a week."

From giant spiders to misspelled opening credits, this one has it all! >>

The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Included with our movie review are a couple of very informative features. The first is our expose revealing how the American Medical Association has been lying about how open heart surgery is "difficult" when in fact The Brain That Wouldn't Die reveals it can actually be performed in 3 steps! Also included is a pamphlet for ladies dating scientists called "Ways to tell if you're about to be used for experiments."

Read our review of The Brain That Wouldn't Die! >>

The Giant Gila Monster
Read the review or play the audio files of The Giant Gila Monster's biggest hits "My Baby She Rocks" and "The Mushroom Song" performed by the film's leading man Don Sullivan (whom I've met and is an awesome guy!)

My Baby She Rocks (when she's attacked by the Giant Gila Monster!) >>

It Came from Outer Space

Village of the Giants
Read our review of this hokey, yet thorougly entertaining flick from 1965 starring international superstar Beau Bridges and an unknown child talent Ron Howard. In fact, check out our send-up on celebrity profile TV shows, titled "Ronny Howard: Child Star Lost."

Read Village of the Giants! - What are you waiting for - "Depart, man!" >>

It Came from Outer Space

It Came from Outer Space
This review features aliens so nice, they let their hostage go home to change clothes! Find out what happens when a space ship strikes the earth, forming a crater 1,000 feet wide and nearly a half-dozen people show up to investigate. This review features some behind-the-scenes info and pictures.

It Came from Outer Space, but it's nothing the sheriff can't handle. >>

It Came from Outer Space

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
In this movie, when Dr. Frankenstein addresses a room full of colleagues about continuing his grandfather's work reanimating dead tissue, everyone laughs at him. Like noone would remember the family name FRANKENTEIN! This review includes one of my favorite sidebar graphics called "Attention Ladies: Whit Bissell is available!"

As if I didn't have enough problems, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein! >>

Horrors of Spider Island
The movie that teaches us that even after a plane catches fire and crashes into the ocean, there's still hope...even after 4 days! Because the police will be looking for them. (Police?) Yes, it's a special film indeed when (and this is true) the lead actor had to take over the film because the director left!

Dancers chase a monster in our review of Horrors of Spider Island! >>

The Angry Red Planet
When Mars is claimed in the name of Brooklyn (we're not kidding), all heck breaks loose when pistol-packin' astronauts confront man-eating plants and a giant monster that's part bat, rat, spider AND crab! Don't miss our exposé, "NASA Lies," uncovering how NASA has been lying to us for years about the space program!

Don't make Mars angry. You wouldn't like it when it's angry! >>

Fay Wray, Jessica Lange and ... Growing Pains Joanna Kerns? One of our favorite B-movies proves that if you spoof King Kong with a guy in a bad gorilla suit, set the movie in Korea, make it 3-D, throw in some toy sheep and a fight with an actual dead shark ... I forgot the point I was trying to make.

He's the giant ape that hails from Harlem! >>

The Crawling Eye
Did you ever see a guy fall and hit his head on a statue of a warthog? Then you're not watching enough b-movies! Of course, the bigger threat would be the Alps are being invaded by giant, rampaging retinas! In our review, you'll learn the complexities of making a Molotov Cocktail.

You've got some optical nerve not reading The Crawling Eye! >>

Invasion of the Saucer Men
It's just your typical invasion movie — little, green men from space land in a backwater town, encounter teenagers, local authorities and then battle a farmer's bull until it gets gouged in the eyeball! Not enough? How about a scene where needles protrude from their fingertips and puncture car tires.

All this and more in our review of Invasion of the Saucer Men! >>

It Came from Outer Space

The Manster
Larry, the lead character of this B-movie, is such a complete jerk that it's actually a relief when he turns into a monster! This movie features a man who grows an extra eye on his shoulder. The eye eventually growing into a separate head.

Be nicer to jerks -- there's a chance one might be The Manster! >>

It Came from Outer Space

The Monster that Challenged the World
When a high security military base is under attack by a giant snail (wait - just marvel at the beginning of that sentence!), motor boat after motor boat is dispatched to deal with the menace.

Quick! Grab some salt! It's The Monster that Challenged the World! >>

The Alligator People
When a scientist apologizes to Paul for turning him into an alligator man, Paul replies, "Oh...forget it." We cut our teeth on this, our very first movie review. It stars timeless beauty Beverly Garland who cries, "Paul!" exactly 41 times. We counted. Yes, we have that kind of time.

Click here to take a bite out of The Alligator People! >>

It Came from Outer Space

My Son the Vampire
Hilarity ensues, who am I kidding - this is a bad movie. It stars British female impersonator and slapstick specialist Arthur Lucan as Old Mother Riley. The movie's villain, Van Housen (played by Bela Lugosi), has a plan to take over the world by building 50,000 robots! See stills of madcap antics as well as behind-the-scenes how Lugosi met Arthur Lucan (if you care).

If you see only one movie this year, don't make it My Son the Vampire! >>

It Came from Outer Space

Phantom Planet
This movie features perhaps the bravest of astronauts. When they board a second spaceship, they don't dock - they climb outside the first ship and leap to the second! The movie's dog-face monster was played by a then-unknown Richard Kiel (James Bond villain "Jaws" for you young whipper-snappers.) Check out our take-off on TV's Blind Date.

It's Phantom Planet, the movie set in the future - 1980! >>

It Came from Outer Space

The Wild World of Batwoman
One of our very first reviews features one of the weirdest B-movies of all. The strangest thing of all is the fact that I keep watching it! Check out Batwoman and her Batgirls as they battle notorious villain Rat Fink! Tongue-in-cheek B-movie fun!

Dedicated to Batwoman? Read our review "with all sincerity." >>